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Italian course - Different levels

L'Italiano Semplice per tutti.

La Sig.ra Valentina ed il Signor Rossi will be your tutors for the Italian language, conversation and grammar.  We offer  effective and highly interactive courses online for people who work/study and have no time to move around to start or to continue with their studies. We guarantee excellent assistance from the qualified tutor with a wealth of experience in such services and a flexible timing for your online lessons.           Ask for your Free Trial    for better acquaintance and test your first lesson.
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Personalized Programmes on the following:
 Basic grammar: Our Beginner Course helps you learn the absolute basics of Italian and will help you understand and take part also in simple conversations. Our Elementary Course also helps with the basics of Italian and develops your language survival skills. It aims to help you feel relaxed and confident in functional speaking, pronunciation, listening, writing and reading. Improve your speaking skills, your grammar and all aspects of the language.
Alphabet, vowels, consonants, double consonants, diphthongs, stress, definite and indefinite articles, nouns, plural nouns, infinitive, adjectives and all regular and irregular verbs plus many other rules compared to English or French ones.
Basic conversation: free basic conversation, Italian for travel, practice real life communication. Different daily situations like ordering food in a restaurant; request hotel room;  questions and answers; buy, sell and pay bills; understand directions; weather; telling the time and date; numbers and money plus many important Italian words to assimilate through our sharing documents and review your work carefully.
Business and Commercial Italian : Resumes, business presentations, telephone calls and emails, school papers and many other tailor made small accurate programmes as per your interest and needs.
Culture and Culinary. (dalla Torre di Pisa alle Lasagne, alla Bolognese e Brezaola).
Methodology will vary with each student's interest and work respective achievement of goal and time availability.
Italian mother tongue highly experienced, with long experience in Italian Language Centers, qualified and recommended teachers. Very patient.
Italian Grammar - Sentence structure.  Advanced course. To improve  and consolidate Italian level and listening/pronunciation. 

 Intensive courses to help you improve your language skills and reach a high level of fluency in order to achieve excellent results in your studies. Ongoing training and development. Our courses will help you develop good communication skills in the four language skill areas. Practice through conversation, listening and role play. In depth study of grammar through oral and written exercises. A rich variety of texts at all levels to improve reading comprehension.Training material will be prepared specifically for your needs. All our teachers are university graduates, qualified and experienced in language teaching, all native speakers with great online experience. Registration is open all year and the cost is 35 Euro.


Italian Commercial

- Our Study Programmes allow you to learn new grammar and practice conversation with Trade tutor experts. We also offer special courses to satisfy customer needs such as: emails, telephone calls, correspondence,  etc. Each new level offers approximately 15 lessons for three months, using simple but super effective methods. The didactic material will be delivered before and after the lesson by email, and is included in the price. Online learning for languages is quite dynamic and pleasant..

An advanced course in grammar and sentence structure is also available for those who want and need to improve their language level.


Choose the date and time for your course at your convenience. We propose two days per week.

Communicate with your Italian teacher one on one for the entire duration of the session.


A certificate will be issued at the end of each course attesting the level and duration of the course .

Opinion: I'm so pleased with how much I've learned in this short amount of time! In a university class it would have taken me at least 4 or 5 months to become this confident in speaking the language. I'm receiving the encouragement and correction I need to move forward and I can feel myself becoming more independent in using the language 


Kindly send us your request specifying the required level and goals, date and time you prefer for a free trial lesson and your own Italian course

 We are committed to ensure the best service and attention possible.

A certificate will be issued at the end of each course attesting the level and duration of the course.
Des cours de conversation en ligne avec des professeurs natifs, 24 heures/24 et 7 jours/7
Des exercices interactifs sur 15 différents niveaux,
Des outils d'auto-apprentissage pour concentrer vos efforts sur les points importants : prononciation, grammaire, vocabulaire, écriture...
Un plan d'étude individuel pour suivre vos progrès par rapport à vos objectifs.
Combined Course (Italian/French or English) - 25 hours.  
Livelli Intermedi - Ripasseremo leggermente il livello Pre-intermedio per poi passare ad un nuovo livello. Viaggiare in aereo, ordinare un menu' al Ristorante Italiano o Cinese, Intervista di lavoro, Esami di lingua straniera, Opera, Lirica, Canzoni e Canti, Teologia, Letture brevi, Storia e Geografia dell'Italia. Let us help you reach your Italian language goals ! We have helped many people with their Italian learning ( Beginners to Advanced) in the Italian Cultural Center, Rome and privately for more than 8 years. Business travelers, students who need to build vocabulary around a certain subject, working on advanced grammar and writing, conversation enthusiasts of all levels, translations and editing. Adults classes. Dynamic and immersion tutoring for all levels.
Course ? Italian Grammar and Sentence Structures + Texts Analysis - Advance course to improve Italian level and listening/pronunciation.
Recommended  for persons who have started learning Italian but then for sometimes they have stopped to practice the language consequently they  forgot some or much of the vocabulary, grammar, etc..We shall quickly refresh your memory for things you studied already, and take you  immediately to a new level emphasizing and consolidating upon the previous level and strengthen your grammatical knowledge. For those who work/study and have no time to move around to continue with the advanced level, we guarantee an excellent assistance from the qualified tutor with experience,  with a superior quality to our sessions as being years in service with educational system courses.  Specifically we shall work on the structure of the Italian language, i.e. phrases and sentences will be worked out with a big number of exercises, and this will surely improve and enrich your vocabulary through documents, business letters, novels, oral and written comprehension. Also we shall work and continue with the Italian grammar and text analysis. Studies of Italian short stories and newspapers, extracts from Italian novels. Proverbs. 
Corrispondenza Commerciale - Scrivi e organizza la tua lettera. 

Effective online Italian language personalized courses for busy persons and Special Italian courses for Arab speakers. 
You will have the possibility to communicate with other online students from different countries/ages and share your experience/inquiries.

Days and time
Choose the days you prefer to have your online course at your ease. 
We suggest two days a week : one for the grammar and one for the practice and conversation. Communicate with your tutor through skype, MSN or other. 
Your teacher will be available for your session of 45 minutes with webcam.

 Notizia per i nostri giovani

Insegnare italiano all'estero? C'è il nuovo bando 2011-2012 per studenti universitari e neolaureati

C'è l'opportunità di assistere i docenti delle scuole di lingua italiana nel mondo: un periodo di lavoro e formazione oltreconfine da non perdere. Sono in totale 281 i posti per gli assistenti in lingua italiana. Il compenso mensile varia a seconda del paese, oscillando tra gli 800 e i 1000 euro netti. Il bando è aperto fino al 14 gennaio 2011 
+ Guida per vivere e lavorare ovunque voi scegliete.

Tests will be sent to you at the end of each part of the course, and you will answer them online.

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Send us your confirming request and within 24 hours, we will email you confirming your tutor name for your free trial without obligations.

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