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Modern Greek  or Ancient Greek

Greek language - Modern or Ancient/Classic Greek
 Greek language is the oldest language in Europe. It is used in writing for over 3.000 years and has followed a homogeneous evolution throughout this time. Modern Greek uses the same alphabet as ancient Greek and what is more, 75% of its vocabulary is based on the ancient form. Moreover, it is a flexible language that continues to evolve even today, as it possesses the ability to produce new words according to need. 

Major works in Literature, Philosophy, Science, Medicine and Theology were originally written in Greek. So, most of these fields use Greek words for their terminology. Some classic works originally written in Greek include: Aristotle's works, Plato's works, the letters of Apostle Paul, the New Testament, Homer's epic poems, Sophocles' and Euripides' ancient Greek tragedies.

More importantly, Greek language has influenced a lot of other languages, both in their vocabulary and their development. For instance, more than 50.000 words in English have Greek origin. Some common examples include words like: drama, theater, music, melody, philosophy, psychology, physics, fantasy, ethnic, meter, center.

Our courses can take every student from the beginner level up to the advanced and can be structured according to the individual needs of every student. They are comprised of a complete program that covers every aspect of the language, like grammar, syntax, vocabulary, conversation, etc. Topics and themes are taken from everyday life and the material covers a broad range of current issues as they appear in the literature and press. Classes are held online through Skype or other.

Our instructors are teachers with years of experience in teaching various levels and a diverse body of students.

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We offer Modern Greek courses to help you improve your language skills and reach a high level of fluency in order to achieve excellent results in your studies. Ongoing training and development. Our courses will help you develop good communication skills in the four language skill areas. Practise through conversation, listening and role play. In depth study of grammar through oral and written exercises. A rich variety of texts at all levels to improve reading comprehension.Training material will be prepared specifically for your needs. All our teachers are university graduates, qualified and experienced in language teaching, all native speakers living in Athens, with great online experience.

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