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Frenquently Asked Questions

Are Courses free?

  No. Our classes are provided Live by professional teachers who need to be paid for their valuable services.

Where are the classes taking place? There is no physical location where our classes take place since all learning programs are provided over the internet. This means that you can study from your comfortable home or your hotel if you are travelling. Learning with Emmanuel Center enables you to learn from home/office without the need to spend time and money travelling to a class.

What equipment is needed to attend an online class? All you need is a computer, a broadband connection (cable modem or ADSL) and a headset.
What learning material is requested? The requested learning material and text book depends according to the class type, level and teacher. Prior to the start of the class, you will be informed by your teacher what learning material and text book you should acquire.

How much does it cost?

Prices vary according to the type of class and level. Find detailed pricing information on Site.

Do you offer scholarships?

Not yet, but this offer is in process.

How do I register to a class and what is the enrolment procedure?

The registration is done via our website. It is simple and quick. Just visit the Home page, study the Program and Prices, choose the class you would like to attend and click on info@emmanuelcenter.org email and send us your detailed request. Upon receipt of your request, we shall immediately take appointment with a suitable tutor and you can get your free trial on skype. If happy, you can start anticipating the package (10, 20 or 30 lessons) you require with a credit or debit card, bank account, PayPal account or even through Moneybookers. After your payment is processed, you will immediately start your individual lessons with your private tutor.

Do you provide recording of the classes?

Yes, at this stage, live lessons recordings are provided or the teacher will advise you which program to use on pc.
What happens if I cannot assist to a lesson? Will I lose the lesson?

When a student cannot attend the class, he loses the lesson. However, the teacher will provide him with necessary documents to his email address, and with special attention so he can easily catch up the class. But if the student writes to his tutor, 24 hours before the date of the lesson, he can postpone his lesson to another day without losing anything.


Who are your teachers?

Our classes are led by professional native language teachers, having taught or currently teaching in academic institution in their own countries or abroad. All of them were trained by Emmanuel Center to provide Live online classes.

How many students are in a class?

You can get your private lessons.

Classes take place with a maximum of 3 - 5 students.

What is the lessons frequency?

Lessons take place once, twice or even three times a week, depending on the student's needs and request. Even every day. 

What is the course duration?

Our course for 10 lessons last 3 months.

Can I speak to one of the teachers prior to enrolling in a class?

Yes, we run every Tuesday/Wednesday a free trial lesson. This will be a good opportunity to get more familiar with the teacher and our learning methodology, as well as getting your first real lesson over the internet. In order to attend to this free trial lesson, kindly register with us.