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English Conversation with native tutor - All levels 

 Pre-Intermediate, intermediate, advanced.

NEGOTIATING : Module one. 

PRESENTING - Module two.

SOCIALISING - module three

MEETINGS - module four 

E-MAILING  - module 5

TELEPHONING - module 6 

BUSINESS communicative grammar

(All levels)

Communication and speaking to practice and learn grammar in a business context.

English Language and Culture in Context:

English - Conversation (all levels)

English for adults (pre-intermediate and intermediate)

English for upper-intermediate and advanced speakers

This course is for all those who wish to strengthen their spoken command of the English language. In order to take this course, you will have acquired a good understanding of the grammatical structure that constitutes the English language and built a set of vocabulary that includes a wide range of subjects.

Business English (upper intermediate and advanced)

Whether you need to give a presentation, prepare tax reports and other business-related documents, correspond with clients worldwide or simply participate in meetings, this course equips you with the all essential language skills to perform your tasks with confidence and in a businesslike manner.


English Language Academy for:

Lower intermediate - Intermediate - Upper intermediate - Advance - Proficiency


•        Level 1 Beginners

•        Level 2 Elementary

•        Level 3 Lower Intermediate

•        Level 4 Intermediate

•        Level 5 Upper Intermediate

•        Level 6 Cambridge First Certificate

•        Level 7 Cambridge Advanced

•        Level 8 Cambridge Proficiency