Emmanuel Center 

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Emmanuel Center, 28, De Castro Street, Wickhams Cay I, Road Town, Tortola, British Virgin Islands and in Bozen - Italy, is present all over the world through our effective agents.

A group of mother tongue well trained and qualified teachers, authors of logistics and educational material are specialized for a unique line with an experience of 20 years online/offline teaching.

Our Tutors are very patient and friendly to our students, with a great passion and communicative predisposition in teaching, online or through Intensive Online Courses.

During all these years, we remained an important referring point to Private Schools of Foreign Languages in Italy, France, Virginia and the UK, but also to many Foreign Companies and Embassies around the world. We also have a long positive experience, online and through local courses, with  Military people destinated to many different countries.

We present a complete/wide range of courses during the whole year for the languages teaching and to improve the pronunciation online.

 Our teachers have more than 655 years teaching experience between them. Because we strongly believe from our experience that interaction is the key to language proficiency. Many of our students, after a first stable basic language grade, continued with us either through our intensive courses in their place, or through the online system, until reaching a good level in the required language.

All our teachers are University graduated, mother  tongue, with a long experience in foreign language teaching.                                                                                                                

A1, A2 (30 ore) livello intermedio. B1, B2 (40 ore) livello Intermedio alto. C1 (50 ore)  Livello Avanzato (50 ore).

Our Levels:

A1 - Beginners (30 hours)

A2 - Pre-Intermediate/Intermediate (30 hours)

B1 - Upper-Intermediate (40 hours)

C1 - Advanced level (50 hours)

C2 -  Master (50 hours)

 Teaching Experience

We offer General, Business, Universities and Commercial Courses suitable for: Foreign-born, professionals who are wishing to learn English or any other language, in a part-time course. Business people who have recently been transferred by their companies and need to improve their level. Working professionals with a good understanding of English or other, who would benefit from expanding their knowledge of business culture and ethics in English speaking countries. Our Business Courses are designed to help you to become a competent, adaptable and strategic user of English and other, who can carry out complex tasks whether speaking, listening, reading or writing.