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Learn English language.

Our courses are designed to quickly  improve your command of the language:
 The levels are:
- Beginners
- Pre-intermediate
- Intermediate
- Advance
- Business
- Conversation and Pronunciation.
Exam preparation in the following:
KET (Key English Test)  - Elementary level exam testing your ability to deal with basic written and spoken communications.
PET (Preliminary English Test) - A pre-intermediate level exam, testing your ability to cope with everyday written and spoken communications.FCE (First Certificate in English) - Intermediate level.
CAE (Certificate in Advanced English) -  Work and study purposes. 
CPE (Certificate in Proficiency English) - If you have achieved a high level language skills, this is a very advanced level to pursue.
IELTS (International English Language Testing System) - Highly practical and valid English language assessment primarily used by those seeking international education, professional education, bench-marking to international standards and global mobility. 

TOEIC (Test of English for International Communication) - Measuring English comprehension, speaking, writing and reading skills.

TOEFL - (Test of English as a Foreign language) -  This is a requirement test for admission into colleges and universities.



Online TOEFL Preparation Course: 

Most effective TOEFL preparation. Interactive course of instruction covering all TOEFL practice tests in Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking.                                                                                                          Choose between TOEFL Academic (for those training at University) or TOEFL General Training (for those who are dealing with an English speaking country) Study. Achieve your goals with your professional tutor!  Native English speakers in all courses and practice. Study confidently. Why choose Emmanuel Center?

100% online with tutor for every lesson! Individual retailed course. We shall never leave you working alone without being present, except when you do your homework after the lesson.

Excellent systems and techniques; asynchronous, interactive support and training.Essential vocabulary,grammar and academic skills.

Practice tests under simulated exam conditions.

Interesting and fun way to learn.Prepare yourself and get the results you wish or even more.

Who should enrol?

All students planning to present for their TOEFL.

Previous TOEFL Students who want to improve their Band Score.


** Tali tests d'inglese sono impegnativi, se si vuole ottenere un punteggio piuttosto alto:

**  Occorre prepararsi con un certo anticipo.

**  Useremo una certa metodica, adatta alla preparazione.

** Tempo record. Prendendo questo corso ti preparerai in tempo per dare con successo questo test praticando e ottenendo ottimi risultati con il massimo supporto e intera presenza del tuo tutor.

Materiale didattico appropriato per il tuo livello e necessità. Corso accelerato per chi lavora, eseguendo 2,3 o 4 sessioni alla settimana.Insegnanti qualificati e madrelingua con una lunga esperienza nell'insegnamento online e offline. . 

Sceglierai i giorni e l'ora di tua preferenza e comodità per il tuo corso individuale.L'istruttore sarà sempre disponibile per tutta la sessione (45 minuti) online.

It is important to us that language instructions meet the needs and wants of our students. Only then, students are able to achieve what they strive for. We provide all materials to the students by email, so they can concentrate on the learning aspect during the lesson and keep strengthening their newly acquired knowledge and skills once the session has finished. Materials are dispatched in form of MP3, MS Word, PowerPoint or PDF documents and lessons often use online resources in form of audio and visual files. In order to participate in lessons and make use of the materials, students will need to be equipped with a computer, a headset and would need to have MS Office, Flash Player, Adobe Reader and either Skype, Yahoo or Windows Life Messenger installed.


Certification is a way for companies and universities from all around the world to recognise the level of English you have passed. It is used by the employees to enhance their work position and salary. 
Free Trial   Get it now with native tutor. Switch on your skype and press here: Skype Me!
We are also specialists in training at your business. 

At the end of each course, a certificate is issued declaring attendance and the level reached in the four language skills: oral expression, listening comprehension, reading and writing.

Siamo specialisti anche nella Formazione presso la Vostra azienda.
Alla fine di ogni corso viene rilasciato un Attestato che dichiara il corso frequentato ed il livello raggiunto nelle quattro abilità linguistiche: espressione orale, comprensione nell'ascolto, lettura e scrittura.

Nous sommes spécialistes aussi dans la formation au sein de votre entreprise. 
À la fin de chaque cours, il vous sera délivré un certificat déclarant la durée des cours suivis et le niveau atteint dans les quatre compétences linguistiques: expression orale, compréhension orale, de lecture et d'écriture.

Mr. Chris & Mrs. Tara, will be your leaders for English tutoring. We  offer  effective and highly interactive courses online for people who work/study and have no time to move around to start or to continue with their studies. We guarantee excellent assistance from the two qualified tutors with a wealth of experience in such services and a flexible timing for your online lessons. Ask for your free trial for better acquaintance.
Proposed Study Programme (A1, A2) 
Curriculum ? the overall concept
Learning a language requires so much more from the student than the plain memorisation of grammar and vocabulary.
Language tells us much about the present and past culture, social order and philosophies of the society/ community that speaks it. This is not only reflected in the choice of vocabulary - words used to form expressions to eventually make meaning of a concept ? but also in the simplest aspects such as syntax or the number of tenses that exist in a particular language ? not all languages have a past or future tense for instance, as neither an understanding nor a concept of the future and the past exist.

Syllabus ? the lesson plan
 (A1) Grammar theory (Lessons 1-8):
  • language concepts and the alphabet [material dispatch in ppt., doc. and mp3]
  • simple syntax: affirmative sentence, negative sentence, question, word question (subject, verb, object) [material dispatch in ppt. and doc.]
  • conjugation of main verbs and auxiliary verbs in Simple Present and Present Perfect [material dispatch in ppt. and doc.]
  • the gender of nouns (masculine, feminine and neutral) [material dispatch in ppt. and doc.]
  • Personal Pronouns, Possessive Pronouns, Reflexive Pronouns [material dispatch in ppt. and doc.]
  • cases: the Nominative (declension of the subject) [material dispatch in doc.]

(A2) Grammar theory (Lessons 8-30/35 depending on your progress):
[material dispatch in ppt. and/or doc.]
  • syntax: main and sub clauses (commas, conjunctions and position of objects)
  • conjugation of verbs in Simple Past
  • conjugation of verbs in the Simple Future
  • cases: the Accusative and Dative (declension of the object)
Themes, incorporating grammar practice and language style (use of vocab.)
[all material is dispatched in either ppt. or doc. or http and mp3]
(A3) Very basics (Lessons 1-8): 
  • introducing oneself
  • in the restaurant
  • numbers
  • time, the week, the year, holidays, birthday, names day
  • the weather and navigation
  • the city, in the country, mountains, at the seaside, travelling in general
  • traffic and transportation
  • at home
  • in the garden
  • nature (flora and fauna)
  • colors
  • countries/ continents-        
  • food and cutlery
  • clothing
  • the body
  • sports
  • at the shops
  • society
  • employment, at work
  • education, at school, at university, at college etc.
  • at the doctor?s/ dentist?s
  • a lot of short words (prepositions etc.)
  •  attributes (adjectives and adverbs)
  • other useful vocab.
  • verbs in daily use

 (A4 ) Specialised topics (with each subject building up on the previous) (Lessons 8-30/35 or more depending on your progress and specialised topic).
A topic of your choice: please let us know in advance, so we can prepare this for you.
Essay and report writing

Giving presentations: How to write a job application and how to prepare for the job interview (optional)

Lingua Inglese online per i giovani 

durante tutto l'anno scolastico 

L'obiettivo primario del corso è di aiutarVi nei vostri compiti e di colmare le vostre eventuali lacune scolastiche. Emmanuel Center eccelle in questa attività di supporto agli adolescenti. L'obiettivo sussidiario è di iniziare i ragazzi alla conversazione e di migliorare le 4 abilità linguistiche: lettura, scrittura, espressione e comunicazione. La capacità di sostenere una conversazione - anche elementare - è infatti prova e suggello di ogni reale avanzamento nelle 4 competenze linguistiche.

Corsi accelerati per chi lo desideri.Le lingue vanno allenate continuamente e perfezionate. Lezioni e corsi pratici attraverso la conversazione, l'ascolto e il role play. Approfondimento grammaticale ed esercizi scritti ed orali.Testi completi a tutti i livelli per una lettura ricca di esercizi e molto varia di comprensione. Materiale didattico appositamente preparato per voi. Insegnanti qualificati e madrelingua con una lunga esperienza nell'insegnamento online e offline.

Le lezioni sono tenute tutti i giorni su skype emmanuel.center, usando metodi semplici ma super efficaci. Il Materiale didattico consegnato prima e dopo la lezione è incluso nel prezzo.Possibilità dell'uso anche del materiale della tua propria classe. L'apprendimento delle lingue online in modo dinamico e divertente. 

English Language and Culture in Context:


English for pupils and students (pre-intermediate and intermediate)

This course is designed for pupils and students to further their existing language skills. Lessons will be developed in consultation with students as to assure that their needs are being met.

English - Conversation (all levels)

This course is designed to improve your speaking and listening skills. Prior to starting the course, your will be invited to a Trial Lesson. During this lesson you will get to know your teacher and have the opportunity to discuss your concerns and expectations as each lesson in this course is individually developed to suit each student's specific needs.

English Grammar - An intensive course on English grammar (basic - pre-intermediate and intermediate levels).

This is an intensive course on English grammar. Please, contact the Centre for consultation prior to booking as it is important to assess your language level in order to advise you on the most beneficial lessons.

Help with your English homework (ages 13 - 16 years old)

This course covers a wide range of subjects. It is designed to help you complete your English homework. 


1. Sarà disponibile una prova gratuita senza impegni su Skype emmanuel.center . Durante il test farai conoscenza con il professore, che valuterà il tuo livello di conoscenza della lingua e ti illustrerà la metodologia e i contenuti del suo insegnamento.                   2. Se sarai soddisfatto della lezione gratuita, provvederai al bonifico.       3. Dopodiché inizierai subito il corso, di cui concorderai gli orari direttamente con il professore.                                                             4.Più tardi, potrai anche esporre sul sito la tua Opinione sul corso e come lo hanno già fatto molti dei nostri studenti.


Un'opinione che prova che la lezione in linea individuale vale come 4 lezioni di altro tipo:

"I'm so pleased with how much I've learned in this short amount of time! In a university class it would have taken me at least 4 or 5 months to become this confident in speaking the language. I'm receiving the encouragement and correction I need to move forward and I can feel myself becoming more independent in using the language.R. Kirkland USA"


Ringraziamo tutti gli studenti iscritti per l'anno 2011/2012 per l'online/corsi intensivi per la loro fiducia nel Emmanuel Center assicurando loro sempre i nostri migliori servizi ed attenzione. 

 Business English course also covers:
  • Presentations
  • Report writing
  • Phone calls
  • Negotiating a contract
  • Company performance
  • Interviews
  • Requests and offers
  • Translation
  • schedules and appointments
  • Business vocabulary

Levels: intermediate, upper-intermediate, advanced.

** Business English exams (Cambridge BEC) preparation courses.

If you need to improve your English for your job or you are looking for a new job, we can offer expert assistance including c.v. preparation, interview,techniques and practice interviews. 

 You will be given homework following each lesson. These include:
  • grammatical exercises (doc.)
  • reading (http., ppt. or doc.)-        
  • listening (http or plain audio)
  • writing (coherent texts and short essays/ reports)
 Homework should be emailed to the tutor completed and before the lesson (preferably 12-24 hours in advance). This is under normal circumstances.
Personalized Programmes on the following:

Basic grammar: Alphabet, vowels, consonants, double consonants, diphthongs, stress, definite and indefinite articles, nouns, plural nouns, infinitive, adjectives and all regular and irregular verbs plus many other rules compared to French, Italian ones.
Basic conversation: free basic conversation, English for travel, practice real life communication. Different daily situations like ordering food in a restaurant; request hotel room;  questions and answers; buy, sell and pay bills; understand directions; weather; telling the time and date; numbers and money plus many important English words to assimilate through our sharing documents and review your work carefully.
It would be  worth to start with the Beginning Level even if you know some English already -  it will give you a good, confidence-building warm up.
Each lesson lays out clearly stated objectives. Explanations are in French/Italian or even in Arabic to begin with, then English gradually takes over.

Business English: Resume, business presentations, telephone calls and emails, school papers and many other tailor made small accurate programmes as per your interest and needs. - Culture.
Methodology will vary with each student's interest and work respective achievement of goal and time availability.
Des cours de conversation en ligne avec des professeurs anglophones ou americains ;
Des exercices interactifs sur 15 différents niveaux,
Des outils d'auto-apprentissage pour concentrer vos efforts sur les points importants : prononciation, grammaire, vocabulaire, écriture, anglais des affaires...
Un plan d'étude individuel pour suivre vos progrès par rapport à vos objectifs.
 Precision is the key to understanding and being understood - this course will help you acquire it.
Advance course to improve English level and listening/pronunciation.
Recommended  for persons who have started learning English but then for sometimes they have stopped to practice the language consequently they  forgot some or much of the vocabulary, grammar, etc..We shall quickly refresh your memory for things you studied already, and take you  immediately to a new level emphasizing and consolidating upon the previous level and strengthen your grammatical knowledge. For those who work/study and have no time to move around to continue with the advanced level, we guarantee an excellent assistance from the qualified tutor with experience,  with a superior quality to our sessions as being years in service with educational system courses.  Specifically we shall work on the structure of the English language, i.e. phrases and sentences will be worked out with a big number of exercises, and this will surely improve and enrich your vocabulary through documents, business letters, novels, oral and written comprehension. Also we shall work and continue with the English grammar and text analysis. Studies of English short stories and newspapers, extracts from English novels. With the Advanced class you will cover all you need to know to speak English fluently. You are now ready to put your knowledge into action and fine-tune your skills.           

Days and time 
Your teacher will be available for your session of 45 minutes with webcam.
Tests will be sent to you at the end of each part of the course, and you will answer them online.
 You will never lose a lesson.
Send us your  
request  and within 24 hours, we will email you confirming your  free trial on skype and  your tutor name. After a free successful online trial, we shall request for a down payment of at least 5 lessons  through transfer to our bank, or through Moneybookers/Paypal, and afterward, we shall immediately start with your lessons.
Let's start
There is still time to write down your name for subscription. Every day starts a new course on skype and MSN.
Ecco il nostro principale obiettivo. Ovvero dare qualcosa in più, costruire un ponte per il futuro, che consenta di raggiungere al più presto risultati concreti.

Opportunità per crescere, opportunità per lavorare, opportunità per investire sulle proprie capacità e diventare imprenditori di se stessi. In un mercato in continua espansione come quello delle lingue o turistico, ecc..  le possibilità sono molteplici, ma bisogna saperle cogliere. E per coglierle, innanzitutto, bisogna essere preparati. Solo un?adeguata e approfondita formazione nelle lingue, assicura gli strumenti necessari per conquistare le posizioni desiderate. Il nostro Corso è progettato per formare professionisti che vanno oltre le aspettative delle stesse imprese, perché accanto a metodi didattici consolidati e continuamente aggiornati viene svolta un?attività lavorativa vera e propria, con momenti di confronto con professionisti ed esperti del settore. Una vera e propria didattica esperienziale che consolida giorno dopo giorno le competenze e le motivazioni dei nostri clienti, preparandoli ad affrontare con sicurezza il mercato del lavoro. 
Vous souhaitez relancer votre carrière en anglais, changer de fonction en anglais, vous former à un nouveau métier, ou améliorer et compléter vos compétences en anglais ?
Comment préparer avec succès une interview en Anglais? Quelles sont les ficelles, les moyens de persuasion, la méthode à adopter?
Nous vous proposons des cours pour vous préparer à ce but et vous donner à la fois les outils nécessaires ainsi que l'assurance pour convaincre votre interlocuteur. 

IELTS - Preparazione Intensiva Online con il professore

Offriamo 50 lezioni strutturate e coprendo le quattro abilita'.


Don't sit your IELTS test without being prepared. Enrol now with our native tutors.


Online IELTS Preparation Course:


Most effective IELTS preparation. Interactive course of instruction covering all IELTS practice tests in Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking. Choose between IELTS Academic (for those training at University) or IELTS General Training (for those who are dealing with an English speaking country) Study. Achieve your goals with your professional tutor! Native English speakers in all courses and practice. Study confidently. Why choose Emmanuel Center?

100% online! Individual retailed course.

Excellent systems and techniques. Essential vocabulary, grammar and academic skills.

Practice tests under simulated exam conditions.

Interesting and fun way to learn. Prepare yourself and get the results you wish. 

Who should enrol?

All students planning to present for their IELTS.

Previous IELTS Students who want to improve their Band Score.


** Tali tests d'inglese sono impegnativi, se si vuole ottenere un punteggio piuttosto alto:

** Occorre prepararsi con un certo anticipo.

** Useremo una certa metodica, adatta alla preparazione.

** Tempo record. Prendendo questo corso ti preparerai in tempo per dare con successo questo test praticando e ottenendo ottimi risultati con il massimo supporto del tuo tutor.

Materiale didattico appropriato per il tuo livello e necessita'. Il nostro staff opera da sempre con la massima professionalità e serietà per garantire alti standards formativi dal punto di vista linguistico e professionale, in quanto i nostri corsi online forniscono tutte le competenze necessarie all'inserimento nel mondo del lavoro attraverso simulazioni atte a ricreare l'ambiente lavorativo reale.

Corso accelerato per chi lavora, eseguendo 2, 3 o 4 sessioni alla settimana. Insegnanti qualificati e madrelingua con una lunga esperienza nell'insegnamento online e offline. .  

Inglese Commerciale o Business - I nostri programmi di studio vi permetteranno di assimilare nuove strutture grammaticali e conversazioni guidate da tutors esperti. Lettere commerciali per determinati settori. Sono corsi speciali che comprenderanno le esigenze del client come le emails, le telefonate, la corrispondenza, ecc.. Ciascun livello e' previsto in tre mesi. La sessione è tenuta su skype, MSN o altro. Il Materiale didattico consegnato prima e dopo la lezione e' incluso nel prezzo. L'apprendimento delle lingue online in modo dinamico e divertente. Metodi audiovisivi. 


Certification is a way for companies and universities from all around the world to recognise the level of English you have passed. It is used by the employees to enhance their work position and salary.

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