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English Conversation with native tutor - All levels 


Pre-Intermediate, intermediate, advanced.

NEGOTIATING : Module one.

1) Preparation



4)deal-making process

5) team work

6) Closing the deal


PRESENTING - Module two.


1) First impressions


3)Structuring the speech

4)Engaging the audience


6) ending the presentation


SOCIALISING - module three


1) Starting a conversation

2) Making conversation



5)Organising meetings

6) Ending the conversation

MEETINGS - module four

1)Opening a meeting

2)Presenting information

3) Problem solving

4)Clarifying meaning

5)Handling different opinions

6) summarising


E-MAILING _ module 5




3)How to express clearly

4) Formality

5) sophisticated expression and tone.




3)Accepting calls



6) Conference calls


BUSINESS communicative grammar

(All levels)

Communication and speaking to practice and learn grammar in a business context.

It is important to us that language instructions meet the needs and wants of our students. Only then, students are able to achieve what they strive for. We provide all materials to the students by email, so they can concentrate on the learning aspect during the lesson and keep strengthening their newly acquired knowledge and skills once the session has finished. Materials are dispatched in form of MP3, MS Word, PowerPoint or PDF documents and lessons often use online resources in form of audio and visual files. In order to participate in lessons and make use of the materials, students will need to be equipped with a computer, a headset and would need to have MS Office, Flash Player, Adobe Reader and either Skype, Yahoo or Windows Life Messenger installed.

English Language and Culture in Context:

English - Conversation (all levels)

This course is designed to improve your speaking and listening skills. Prior to starting the course, your will be invited to a Trial Lesson. During this lesson you will get to know your teacher and have the opportunity to discuss your concerns and expectations as each lesson in this course is individually developed to suit each student's specific needs.

Topics: - Advertising and the Media; Books and readings; Alternative Medicine; Clothes and Fashion; Sports, Health and Fitness; Shopping; Tourism and Travel; Jobs and responsibilities, and many others.

English for adults (pre-intermediate and intermediate)

This course is designed for adults to further their existing language skills. Lessons will be developed in consultation with participants as to assure that their requirements are being met.

English for upper-intermediate and advanced speakers

This course is for all those who wish to strengthen their spoken command of the English language. In order to take this course, you will have acquired a good understanding of the grammatical structure that constitutes the English language and built a set of vocabulary that includes a wide range of subjects.

Business English (upper intermediate and advanced)

Whether you need to give a presentation, prepare tax reports and other business-related documents, correspond with clients worldwide or simply participate in meetings, this course equips you with the all essential language skills to perform your tasks with confidence and in a businesslike manner.

English for specialised subjects (all levels)

This course is for ALL levels and covers a wide range of subjects. It is designed to help you acquire the English skills you need to a specific topic. Please, contact the Centre for consultation prior to booking as it is important to assess your language level in order to plan the lessons for you. - - - Subject areas include: Archaeology, History, Government, Politics, Anthropology, Social Science, Pedagogy, Psychology, Literature, Poetry, Visual and Performing Arts, Music, Geography, Geology, Botany, Biology, Physics, Mathematics, Philosophy, Theology, Finances, Business and Management, IT (for others, please specify).



English Language Academy for:

Lower intermediate - Intermediate - Upper intermediate - Advance - Proficiency


•        Level 1 Beginners

•        Level 2 Elementary

•        Level 3 Lower Intermediate

•        Level 4 Intermediate

•        Level 5 Upper Intermediate

•        Level 6 Cambridge First Certificate

•        Level 7 Cambridge Advanced

•        Level 8 Cambridge Proficiency


Inglese Commerciale - I nostri programmi di studio vi permetteranno di assimilare nuove strutture grammaticali e conversazioni guidate da tutors esperti. Lettere commerciali per determinati settori: Sono corsi speciali che comprenderanno le esigenze del client come l'uso di emails,le telefonate,la corrispondenza, Office,ecc.. Accedere al livello successivo con ogni corso di 12-15 lezioni. Ciascun livello è previsto in tre mesi. La sessione è tenuta su skype, usando metodi super efficaci. Il Materiale didattico consegnato prima e dopo la lezione è incluso nel prezzo. L'apprendimento delle lingue online in modo dinamico e divertente. Metodi audiovisivi. Scegli i giorni di preferenza e comodità per il tuo corso individuale e personalizzato. Proponiamo uno o due giorni alla settimana. Il professore sarà disponibile per tutta la sessione online.

Mezzi di comunicazione tramite Skype, gmail, yahoo o altro. Non perderete alcuna lezione.


1. Sarà disponibile una prova gratuita senza impegni su Skype emmanuel.center . Durante il test farai conoscenza con il professore, che valuterà il tuo livello di conoscenza della lingua e ti illustrerà la metodologia e i contenuti del suo insegnamento. 2. Se sarai soddisfatto della lezione gratuita, provvederai al bonifico. 3. Dopodiché inizierai subito il corso, di cui concorderai gli orari direttamente con il professore. 4.Più tardi, potrai anche esporre sul sito la tua Opinione sul corso e come lo hanno già fatto molti dei nostri studenti.


Corpo docente


Ann Manx

Docente Lingua Inglese CELTA

2004 International House, London, UK (Teacher Training Centre), ESOL CELTA, (Grade: Pass A) 1992 – 1996 University of Southampton, UK BA (Hons.) French Studies 1984 – 1991 Bacup & Rawtenstall Grammar School, Lancashire, UK 8 GCSEs, 3 A’ Levels


Chris McCrory

German English Teacher.

Prof. Chris is a professional language teacher, living and working in Essen, Germany, with many years of teaching experience with students of all ages, both on- and off-line. His students come from all walks of life and learn for a variety of reasons - business, travel, study, hobby and social integration.


Debby Party

Professore di lingua Inglese. Degree English Literature.

An English Teacher, with teaching English on line for 7 years. She has taught over 15,000 lessons to corporate and private students at every level. If you want to improve your pronunciation, vocabulary and self confidence, she can help ! She believes in giving students the tools to create their own success.


Prof. Steffi Walter

Dott.ssa Steffi ha un'esperienza ventennale nell'insegnamento a Berlin e a Washington delle lingue Inglese - Tedesco. Esperienza con Emmanuel Center branch nell'online per oltre 5 anni. Univ. of Alabama - 2006/2008 MA Univ. of Freiburg, Germany MA Europ. Lang. Univ. Siena, Arezzo - Exch. Students program


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